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Kaiten Mail 2.006

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Current Version: 2.006
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Communication
Size: 3.6M
What's in this version:
• Fixed a crash on some Android 2.x devices
• Split view can now be resized
• Added sort by sender
• Don't show messages in Trash and Spam folders when viewing "All messages" or when opening Kaiten from a notification
• Moving single messages from the Unified Inbox should now work
• Fixed white flicker when using the dark theme
• More bug fixes

Kaiten Mail is a gorgeous and incredibly powerful email client for Android.

Note: Because of a display bug this app is currently not available for Asus Transformer devices. We're already working on this problem and hope to be able to bring the app back for these devices soon. If you're an existing customer please contact

★★★ Features ★★★

• Supports multiple IMAP, POP3, Exchange 2003/2007 (via WebDAV) accounts
• Push mail using IMAP IDLE
• Rich text editing
• Unified Inbox
• Display contact pictures
• Threaded message view
• Split-screen view
• Email signatures
• BCC to self
• Rich notifications (mark as read, reply, or delete directly from notifications)
• Encrypt and sign messages using the OpenPGP standard (when APG is installed)
• Settings import/export
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Lots of configuration options

Please note that Kaiten currently does NOT support Exchange ActiveSync.

★★★ Use Kaiten for free ★★★

If you want to try Kaiten out for free (or just use it forever for free) try out the ad-supported version here:

★★★ Support ★★★

If you're having trouble with Kaiten, drop us a line and we'll do everything we can to help you out. We'd love to hear how you'd like Kaiten to improve. Join us at

★★★ Kaiten's origin ★★★

Kaiten is based on the popular open source app K-9 Mail and was built by K-9's lead developers Jesse and Chris. By buying Kaiten you not only get an awesome email client, you also support the open source version because almost all of the new features are contributed to K-9 Mail.

The name is a play on K-9. Kaiten is a Japanese word that means rotation and sounds a lot like K10 or K-10.

Download From Google Play:
Kaiten Mail 2.006 On Google Play
Kaiten Mail 2.006
Kaiten Mail 2.006

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