Sunday, May 5, 2013

APK FILES™ iDaggers APK v1.2 ~ Free Download

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iDaggers APK v1.2 

iDaggers FULL APK v1.2 
Requirements:Android 2.3+

Too tired with too many birds and zombies? Want to have more fun with your phone? Try iDaggers! We provide you a brand-new world here. More than 20 original epic tracks; vivid and refined animations; more than 10 kinds of weapons and cute enemies; all in one. Moreover, we present you the most important and unique feature: Slow Motion. What can you do when the world is slow motion except you?

ATTENTION: iDaggers is a tough platform action game, seriously challenges your game intelligent and control skill. Unique control style can make you immerse in the game. So, prepare yourself before playing it  

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