Sunday, May 5, 2013

99M 1.1.0 (Android)

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99M v1.1.0 APK (Android)

Description: This is an App made for those who live through music and think about listening to it as an easy and pleasant experience.
Requirements: Android Device OS 2.3 and up
Price: $2.99

99M v1.1.0 APK

Be always in control of all your songs, what you are listening to, and share it with your friends.
Keep it easy, keep it on…

- Simple and intuitive interface and navigation.
- Identification icon next to currently/now playing track.
- Tracks sorted by name, album, artist, genre or playlist.
- Slide track changer.
- Additional options with just a long press.
- Track's progress directly on the notification area.
- Up Next track queue with easy management.
- Easily managed playlists.
- Automatically updated lists when you delete or add music files.
- Automatic or manual tweets with what you are listening.
- Graphic Equalizer with at least 5 bands, depending on your device's hardware.
- Graphic Bass Boost and 3D Effect controls.
- Simple visual help.

What's New in this version:
Added two widgets (small and large) to easily manage music playback from Home Screen.

Download: 99M 1.1.0 (Android)

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